About the Comic

This site features artwork and a continuing comic story by yours truly, Fowlfish. The comic is taking a break, but art updates will continue every week!

As for our comic: Castle Obrio is the story of a few unlikely friends, bound together in service to the great sorceress Queen Mina.

After an attack on her kingdom, the Queen makes a desperate gamble: through arcane magic, she hopes to unlock a great and forbidden power. Her loyal servants are a ragtag and eccentric team, but they’re her only hope to achieve her dreams.

Meanwhile, a band of sky pirates are building an army that holds the whole land in fear. When they decide to hold Mina’s daughter for ransom, the princess becomes intrigued by the pirates’ dark and mysterious quest.


All work is written and drawn by yours truly, Fowlfish. I’m updating this comic inbetween life and work, but right now I will have regular updates every Monday!

A heads up: Future installments will feature some occasional fantasy gore, meaning surreal scenes that have blood but aren’t realistic. There will also be occasional comedic nudity, drawn in a non-sexy cartoonish style.

The Cast


Queen Mina – The ruler of Obrio, Mina is a sorceress who has spent her life uncovering the secrets of her art. She is proud, elegant, and deeply obsessed with proving her worth to the mighty Spirits.



Kemp – Created by Mina to be the perfect servant, Kemp will perform any and every task with naïve, childlike enthusiasm. Ever polite and loyal, he is also totally determined and will stop at nothing until the job is done.



The Spirits – Keepers of arcane and forbidden spells. Only the most masterful sorcerors can hope to gain their favor, and Mina believes she is up to the task.



Bristol Vanderbliss – Mina’s extremely lazy curse expert.
A perfect work-dodger, she spends her days playing and loafing. Despite her fun-loving attitude, she has a bit of a mean streak.



Milo Bricker –Mina’s huntsman, a mild-mannered goon and aspiring comedian. A man with dreams but little guts.


Conrad Conn – Mina’s geologist. Conrad is an accomplished and very respected gent, as well as the most chilled out man alive.


Busby Dovetail – A newcomer to Castle Obrio. He appears as an effete gentleman, but this facade hides the crafty mind of an opportunist.


Princess Tani – Mina’s daughter. Though she knows little of the outside world, Tani considers herself a crafty and urbane girl.
She currently finds herself held for ransom by pirates, and she vows to make the most of the situation.


Admiral Hune – A solemn pirate chief who travels the world in his flying fortress, abducting victims wherever he goes.
For now, Hune himself is largely a mystery.


Landon Sackett – Hune’s enforcer. An earthy, passionate but stern young man who takes great pride in his work.




Aida Gilula – Hune’s mage, an erudite and clinical woman. To Aida, magic is both an art and a science, and its beauty alone makes it worth her study and devotion.
She cares more about the transcendental than the here-and-now.


Other Tidbits:

More art by Fowlfish can be viewed at the following links.

My past and current art is available here on my tumblr.

My current art is available on newgrounds here, or you can view it here if you prefer dA for some reason.

(And my past art is available here and here, in the off-chance those old pieces disappear from tumblr.)

Have fun!