Workaday: Page 23

After that action, a little interlude at Fort Hune.

You have a role to play, Tani.

Workaday: Page 22

It’s a big one this week!

Say what you will about Bristol and Kemp, they’re thorough above all else.

Workaday: Page 21

Teamwork is pain!

I’ve been busy with a new job. But the story rolls onward, no matter what happens in life!

Workaday: Page 20

Things are going at a nice pace these days!

This week I’m obviously shifting to a simpler color approach, allowing me to release comics faster. So far it’s working well for me.

Anyhow, our heroes are on top of things and have found a solution… at a price.

Workaday: Page 19

Hi folks. The past month was rough for me, but I’m glad to have a substantial new comic page today.

Things aren’t quite back to normal yet, but I really wanted to get today’s page up. It gives a conclusion to Smith’s tale, and next time, we return to the Kemp & Bristol saga.

More info when I work out my schedule. It’s good to be feeling better.

Workaday: Page 17

And with that, we’re getting properly introduced to Smith Smoth and her strange life.

Workaday: Page 16

And we’re back!

I was busy with my job the past months. Feels great to return to the story at long last! The story now continues weekly.

Today’s comic: Busby investigates the depths of Castle Obrio.