Wise Old Uncle Iroh

Where would Zuko be without lovable Uncle Iroh to guide him?

Hey folks. After a long break, Castle Obrio returns next week. Work stuff got in the way of my passion project, but I’m happy to announce updates will finally resume.

Next week, we learn what Busby has been up to. After that, Bristol and Kemp take desperate measures to set things right. The story rolls on!


Still alive, still working.

3 takes on a fun little character.

Hollow Head

A little playful ink for this week.

Sorry about the lack of updates lately; I hurt my eyes but I’m doing better these days. On we go!


For this week’s intermission: Meritus, the villain from the first Seer movie.

Yet another fun underrated bombastic villain character!


New week, new art!

This time it’s a Danger Mouse tribute. Some of my different takes on Stiletto.


New art piece for you.

This time it’s Harara from the classic OVA “Apocalypse Zero.” In such an over-the-top story, Harara made for quite an entertaining and cool villain!

Ansaldo the Great

New week, new art.

Comics coming soon. For now, here’s a new piece featuring this puppeteer fella!

Godskin Noble

Another art piece to tide you over!

Hi, everyone. Obviously, Castle Obrio has been experiencing some hiccups lately. I hope to have things back on track soon… suffice to say, work is progressing, and the comic will return! More info soon as the schedule gets clearer.

For now, enjoy the art of this handsome gentleman, my tribute piece to Elden Ring.

Peace be with all o’ you!

La Sirena

Starting a new job this week, so the comic is on hold. Our friends will be back soon!

To tide you over, I’ll be posting new artwork. This week’s piece is a tribute to Frankelda, which is hands-down, no doubt, the best animated series I have seen in a long time.