Just a quick update. Been going through some stuff, planning some significant changes soon.

Today, we have a bit o’ material from the sketchbook to share. Soon the story will resume! Every day is a little more healing & a little more progress. The journey continues.


Some more recent material from the sketchbook!

I’ve been dealing with health issues lately; the past week was a tough one, but I’m feeling more like myself by now. I’m minding my health but carrying on, building up a decent set of comic pages even if it takes time.

Stay safe, everybody! Peace be with ya.


The progress continues. Getting a good backlog of comics before we unveil the climax of chapter 1.

Have a good week, everybody.


Some more concepts from the sketchbook.

The comics are coming along, I’m just working on building a decent backlog of them. One step at a time!

Peace be with all a’ you.


Hi folks! This week, I’ve made a big overhaul. Now all of Chapter 1 has an easier-to-read font, with much more consistent size to the lettering. I’ve wanted to fix that for a while, so I’m happy to have those pages in better shape. (I also made some tweaks to the art in a couple panels.)

I’m planning to do the next scene as one extra-long page instead of multiple pages. So it’s an ambitious one, but it’s coming along.

In other news, I’m pleased to say that my book is now available in paperback form! It has 61 poems and a handful of illustrations; all but 1 are unique for the book. You can grab a copy here!

This month has been a good one for me, and I look forward to carrying the momentum ahead. Peace be with ya!

Waiting on Hardware

Hey folks! I’ve been busy sorting out details with my book. Creating the hard copy took a few false starts and revisions. But the paperback version is coming soon! More updates on that to follow.

For now, the computer with my art software is acting up, so I’m sorting that out. It should be back up and running in a day or two though.

So it’s been a lively month, but things are finally looking more stable. In the work-life balance, this comic often gets put on the back burner, but it’s still alive and more pages are coming along.


Hail to the King

New week, new art.

One of several abstract pieces I’ve been creating for a project… More news on that soon!


I have some other projects going on right now, so hopefully that’ll mean good news soon. For now, enjoy some sketches!

Big A, Little A

Hi folks. I have a comic this week, but it’ll read a lot better if I release the next 2 pages back-to-back instead. So we have intermission art today, and it’ll be an extra big update next time, when the 2 pages are both polished.

Sometime this week, I’ll adjust the lettering in my past comics to something that looks a little better at a consistent, small size. Hence the theme of today’s drawing with Landon and Kemp!