A few fun poses from the sketchbook.

Making good progress on Chapter 2. I set a big task for myself since the first page of Ch. 2 was way longer than normal and had both action & ornate brushwork in it. Even though I’m well into the later pages now, looking back I can see I had quite a bottleneck there. It’ll be worth it for opening on a strong note, though!

Workaday: Page 31

And so concludes Chapter One!

This page took a little extra, but we’ve made it to the end. And a happy end it is, for Mina anyhow!
Chapter Two will debut in the near future, and it will expand on the fantasy with a more adventurous tone, while advancing the overarching plot threads too. Be back for more on that soon!

This project has seen me through a lot of changes in life, a lot of ups and downs. But even through the hardest of times, I’ve always felt the dedication to creating my comic and story (along with more tales to follow it). Life sure is an unpredictable journey, but making and sharing this comic has been very rewarding, and I know I will see it through to the end. For those of you who have come here and checked it out, I give a big thanks! And I hope you’ll enjoy the rest of this colorful story.

In any case, Chapter 2 is underway. This being a one-man project that I’m doing inbetween work, it needs some more prep time to get ready for release. Fortunately, I’m exploring a different approach to help me produce comics at a more streamlined & consistent rate. I’ll do my best to keep this space updated with progress reports & other goodies, for the meantime!

Once again, thanks for checking out my comics. Here’s to plenty more!
Peace be with all of you.

Workaday: Page 26

We’re back, baby!

After that hiatus & intermission, the story is finally picking up from its cliffhanger and resuming regular updates. Look forward to more of this cast and their adventures!

As usual with a personal project, life and work have taken a lot of time from the production. But I’ve kept up the momentum and gotten my ducks in a row, and I’m excited to bring this story to fruition.

Peace be with all of you!

Workaday: Page 22

It’s a big one this week!

Say what you will about Bristol and Kemp, they’re thorough above all else.

Workaday: Page 21

Teamwork is pain!

I’ve been busy with a new job. But the story rolls onward, no matter what happens in life!