Workaday: Page 29

Meanwhile, down in the dungeon, the storyteller continues regaling her audience.

Workaday: Page 19

Hi folks. The past month was rough for me, but I’m glad to have a substantial new comic page today.

Things aren’t quite back to normal yet, but I really wanted to get today’s page up. It gives a conclusion to Smith’s tale, and next time, we return to the Kemp & Bristol saga.

More info when I work out my schedule. It’s good to be feeling better.

Workaday: Page 17

And with that, we’re getting properly introduced to Smith Smoth and her strange life.

Workaday: Page 16

And we’re back!

I was busy with my job the past months. Feels great to return to the story at long last! The story now continues weekly.

Today’s comic: Busby investigates the depths of Castle Obrio.

Workaday: Page 7

After our glimpse of Landon, Kemp continues his mission… Focused, driven, and gullible.

Prologue 15

Happy October, everybody!

This comic wraps up the Prologue. The stage is set for our drama: with her tiny 5-person crew, Mina takes a last stand to bring Obrio to greatness! Meanwhile, Tani and Landon continue their journey in the flying fortress.

Chapter 1 begins next.

Until next time!