Workaday: Page 22

It’s a big one this week!

Say what you will about Bristol and Kemp, they’re thorough above all else.

Workaday: Page 21

Teamwork is pain!

I’ve been busy with a new job. But the story rolls onward, no matter what happens in life!

Big A, Little A

Hi folks. I have a comic this week, but it’ll read a lot better if I release the next 2 pages back-to-back instead. So we have intermission art today, and it’ll be an extra big update next time, when the 2 pages are both polished.

Sometime this week, I’ll adjust the lettering in my past comics to something that looks a little better at a consistent, small size. Hence the theme of today’s drawing with Landon and Kemp!

Workaday: Page 11

Looks like everything’s raining on Bristol’s parade.

Good to be back with an extra big comic this week!

Workaday: Page 7

After our glimpse of Landon, Kemp continues his mission… Focused, driven, and gullible.