Just a quick update. Been going through some stuff, planning some significant changes soon.

Today, we have a bit o’ material from the sketchbook to share. Soon the story will resume! Every day is a little more healing & a little more progress. The journey continues.

Workaday: Page 3

From a riddle to a recipe, just like that.

We’re switching to Monday updates now, for that juicy start-of-the-week slot.

Workaday: Page 1

We’re back! After a year of trials, Castle Obrio is tuned-up and ready for action with regular weekly updates.

In this chapter, Mina kicks things off with some summoning magic.

Prologue 15

Happy October, everybody!

This comic wraps up the Prologue. The stage is set for our drama: with her tiny 5-person crew, Mina takes a last stand to bring Obrio to greatness! Meanwhile, Tani and Landon continue their journey in the flying fortress.

Chapter 1 begins next.

Until next time!


Prologue 12

We’re back after the hiatus! Expect regular weekly updates to resume now.

And good ol’ Mina keeps cool, even when she’s surrounded by rubble.