Brannet Concepts

More variations on these characters I previewed last week. In context, they’ll do some graphic stylized shapes more like the concepts here, rather than the loose elaborate look of last week’s drawing. (Consider that one fancier for dramatic effect.) In any case, I’ve enjoyed toying with some different options and approaches for these guys!
The more I work with them, the more I hit upon shapes and elements that better suit their personalities.

I’m usually reluctant to share sketchbook stuff and WIP concept art, but I’m trying to loosen up more about that! Especially when I enjoy the process & characters so much.

In other news, I have my hands full as I’m getting into a new line of work. Feeling positive about it though; these changes should hopefully put my life on a more even keel. And that’ll mean sorting out a lot of things I’ve been looking forward to.

Peace and good health to all of you!